Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

Yolingo is a self-study language & cultural learning experience done bite-sized.

Yolingo offers well structured, engaging video tuition courses (self-study) called 'Yolingo Capsule Courses'. These courses are created by and recorded with qualified, native speaking teachers, who also have a high level of spoken English. The courses are produced by Yolingo.

Each course comprises of 10 bite-sized video tutorials  (5 to 7 minutes each in length). The teachers also include invaluable cultural tips throughout their respective courses.

Yolingo is for any company employee who wants to broaden their cultural horizons and learn new skills.

A happy employee = a productive employee.

All the teachers are screened and selected by Yolingo to create and record the courses. They are experienced teachers, currently living and working in either London or Paris (where some of the Yolingo courses were recorded). Beyond their teaching ability, they were chosen for their engaging personalities and passion. All of them have a solid track record of teaching business clientele including employees from Facebook and Google in Paris (learning Mandarin) to journalists from leading UK publications preparing for assignments in Brazil.

No. Yolingo’s aim is to primarily get native English speakers engaged in learning the basics of a foreign language. If we inspire a learner to then go off and seek proficiency in their chosen language then that’s a big win for them, the company they work for and Yolingo!  Our goal is to enable a learner to overcome the initial difficult phase in acquiring the foundations of the language being learnt and to get a better insight culturally too.

It can be. But equally, these short bursts of learning, concentrate the mind and can improve a person’s performance and productivity, be it at work or in other areas of their life. Purely from a language learning perspective, just being able to communicate on a very basic level with international business partners and customers (or potential ones!) in their language, can reap serious rewards for a company, where the personal relationship is critically important, particularly in regions like Asia and Latin America.

t's been scientifically proven down the years that language learning improves cognitive skills and creative thinking and offsets dementia and Alzheimer's in later years. In fact, a group of Swedish scientists running tests with miltary personnel, discovered that language learning, much like meditation, can increase the size of certain areas in the brain. 

Absolutely! We're at the beginning of our product road map and bootstrapping this venture for now, so it's a case of little by little. Yolingo will have several courses for Absolute Beginner level and then Beginner level for all the languages. This'll be fused with a truly enriching cultural experience.

The underlying success factor of Microlearning is that content is offered in short durations of 5 to 7 minutes to mirror the human attention span and memory function, delivered the way modern learners prefer to connect. Microlearning is about getting maximum benefits through minimal input.

Video is an extremely powerful medium in which to engage with learners.  We live in a YouTube world! Yolingo Capsule Courses also enable learners to watch how the teacher pronounces words and phrases. It allows the learner to pick up little nuances that they would otherwise miss out on. In our opinion, video tutorials like the courses on Yolingo, are the next best thing to actually being with the teacher in a class.

Yolingo currently has first courses for absolute beginner level learners in; French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Chinese Mandarin. Arabic and German courses will also be added shortly.

Fortunately not! We don’t believe in total immersion for Absolute Beginner and Beginner level adult learners. All explanation and instruction is given in English, making learning very easy to digest and retain.

Yolingo is very much designed for mobile devices with content easily viewable on tablets and phablet devices (like the Samsung Galaxy range and iPhone 6s Plus), down to screens as small as the iPhone 4 and 5 range.

A monthly Yolingo subscription costs £35. This fee covers an entire organisation, regardless of its size. Payment commences after a 7-day free trial.

Should a company decide that they don’t want to subscribe to Yolingo after the 7-day free trial then they can simply cancel their account(s) before the first monthly payment. An email will be sent to the company administrator before the end of the trial period allowing them to suspend or cancel their account should they wish to.

Yes indeed. Company subscriptions to Yolingo can be cancelled at any time.

This is because Yolingo needs to verify that the person signing their company up to use Yolingo has the authority to act as the company administrator. Typically, this will be the HR Manager/Director or even the CEO or person responsible for operations in smaller companies and startups.

No, it's not possible. The company administrator will create an account using his/her company email address. After that, all accounts created by employees under that account will also need to be with his/her company email address, corresponding to the company email address used by the administrator.

Yes. The administrator and employee accounts can be suspended for a 30-day period after which the accounts will be terminated. Should the company wish to use Yolingo in the future, then they would have to go through the sign-up process again.

It’s simple and only takes a few minutes. Company payment details will need to be given prior to starting the 7-day free trial. This ensures that the individual signing their company up to Yolingo, has authorisation to do so.

Once that’s done, the administrator can simply send invite emais to their workforce to create a free account on Yolingo. The administrator can do this from their Yolingo account or by using Outlook to invite employees for example.

Yes. The administrator can see which employees are using Yolingo, which content they’re watching and time spent on the platform.

No. Payment is made using PayPal on their secure servers. Yolingo has no access to a company's financial information.